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Over 55 years of HAGO

Every company has its own history. Our company began in 1968. The path from a modest workshop to a highly developed service provider. We would like to show you where we come from and where we will go - with our customers, with you. In 1968 the young master typesetter and printer Hans Gossenberger believed in the opinion that his professional fulfilment had to be based in his independence. Diligence and perseverance have paid off. After only a short time, he had already built up a solid customer base.

In 1977 the oldest son, Michael Gossenberger, joined the company. In 1987, after obtaining the title of master printer, he increased his professionalism and made HAGO a permanent fixture in the region. In 1990 Markus Gossenberger studied industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences for Printing and Communication Science at the University of Hohenheim. The range of services was expanded and HAGO developed from a printing company to a „solution provider“.

Today, HAGO is a reliable partner for almost all visual communication issues. We produce products from paper, cardboard or foil on an area of more than 1,500 m². We develop electronic media and cooperate with specialists from other fields in order to be able to offer our customers comprehensive service. More than 300 companies from industry, trade, service and trade appreciate our reliability, quality and fair prices. HAGO has been certified according to DIN/ISO standards 9001 and 14001 since 2000.

We are pleased that you are taking a little of your precious time
to browse through our pages.

We would like to give you an insight into our company - to arouse your curiosity - to give you „the desire“ to work with us. You ask yourself „Why HAGO?“ or „What does HAGO have that others don‘t? Read here and click on to continue. We are convinced that you will find reasons to say: „That‘s why HAGO! Below you can see what is going on at HAGO. We are always working to keep ourselves „up to date“ for you.


June 2023 – Sometimes there are special tasks and HAGO was happy about the trust of the home municipality. "50+ years of the municipality of Karlsbad" we were allowed to equip with logo, brochure and commemorative publication. A special task, which gave special pleasure.

May 2023 – In its "Supplier Assessment for April 2022 until March 2023", Harman/ Becker Automotive Systems GmbH once again rates HAGO with 100 out of 100 points. More is not possible. We are proud. Since May 2023, HAGO has been participating in the "Responsible Business Alliance", the world's largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains.

February 2023 – For the 23rd time, HAGO meets the requirements of certification according to DIN/ISO standards 9001 and 14001. With success. At the same time, our customers' requirements for sustainability and resilience increase. The experiences during the Corona pandemic, the rupture of supply chains and the resulting economic disruptions and supply bottlenecks separate the wheat from the chaff. Only "fit companies" survive such challenges. HAGO has proven its fitness.

September 2022 – HARMAN's Queretaro/Mexico production plant has accredited HAGO as an official supplier. Even if the distances are further. HAGO reliability and quality probably knows no bounds

August 2022 – HAGO is not only an industrial supplier. Very often we (gladly) prove our diversity and flexibility. So in 2022, when HAGO had the chance to accompany a young company in its start-up phase. After all, small and medium-sized businesses are the mainstay of our economy. "jumavis" is the name of the young company. Logo, business equipment and homepage are from HAGO. "Everything from a single source". This makes it easier for young entrepreneurs to take care of the other important tasks

May 2022 – For the second time in the company's history, HAGO has managed to score 100 out of 100 possible points in the quality performance evaluation for HARMAN/BECKER Automotive Systems GmbH. In the period 04-2021 to 03-2022 our performance was arguably perfect. We are proud.

February 2022 – Almost routine. Also in 2022, we achieved the successful recertification according to DIN/ISO 9001 2015 and 14001 2015. The processes are in place - HAGO quality, reliability and sustainability are proverbial.

June 2021 – HAGO has managed to increase the quality performance at HARMAN/BECKER Automotive Systems GmbH even further. HARMAN/BECKER has rated HAGO as an A-supplier for the delivery period 04-2020 to 03-2021 with 97 out of 100 possible points. We are proud not only to maintain the good result of 2020, but even to top it.

June 2021 – HAGO diversifies into a completely new field: renewable energy - an increasingly important field for all of us in the future. HAGO launches the "HYDRA Project" and establishes a cooperative with the IKFT at KIT, Poll Umwelttechnik GmbH and Ultrawaves GmbH to develop a system for the hydrothermal gasification (SCWG) of biomass. Pure hydrogen from biowaste from households and industry.

June 2020 – HARMAN/BECKER Automotive Systems GmbH classifies HAGO  with 96 out of 100 possible points  for the period 04-2019 to 03-2020 as an A-supplier.
HAGO is thus significantly above the average of all suppliers of HARMAN/BECKER Automotive Systems GmbH. We are proud and continue to work to maintain this level.

February 2020 – Successful recertification according to DIN/ISO 9001 2015 and 14001 2015.
HAGO has now been certified to these demanding standards for 20 years. Reliability and sustainability made by HAGO.

February 2020 – HAGO receives an unusual order. The "Carte d'electeur" for the parliamentary elections in Mali in spring 2020. Reliable quality with three safety features. Microscript, Guilloches and luminescent parts reach counterfeiting security. Even the regional newspaper BNN has written about this performance. We are proud for this trust.

December 2019 – December 2019 - 8,500 books with 720 pages each in 48 hours! HAGO delivered the exhibition catalogue for the 34th Federal Rabbit Show at Messe Karlsruhe, on 13 and 14 December 2019. 765,000 prints, 9,400 kg of paper with up-to-date information in time for the opening of the exhibition in the early hours of the morning. Reliability of HAGO. 

July 2019 - The expansion of the HAGO team by a young printing technician is a big step into the future. He brings with him new knowledge and years of management experience. For the benefit of all HAGO customers.

May 2018 - HAGO takes a further step towards environmental protection and sustainability and has been using a hybrid service vehicle from Mercedes since May 2018. The 50 kW (peak) photovoltaic system installed since 2005 is used for daily charging. The average consumption of additional fuel is 2.8 l/100 km. Another small piece in the mosaic of sustainability without a negative impact on availability.
February 2018 - Our quality and environmental management system is certified according to DIN/ISO 9001 2015 and 14001 2015 for the first time. Leaner, faster and closer to people, it should help us to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of our customers.

April 2017 - HAGO print & media has expanded its programmer team at Exportpages to offer programming services to its customers. Be it as an extension of the homepage or as an internal tool for the evaluation of personnel time accounting. An even more comprehensive range of services for HAGO customers.

March 2017 - HAGO print & media takes over the editing, creation and production of the association magazine „Der Blasmusiker“ on behalf of the Blasmusikverband Karlsruhe and thus continues to follow the trend of being a „problem solver“ for its customers. An „all-round carefree package“ - services that go down well

February 2017 - Full audit according to the new standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The auditor was particularly impressed by the system installed at HAGO with regular internal QM circles and permanent adjustments to the changing requirements of customers and authorities. A self-optimizing system.

May 2016 - The first hybrid product to be manufactured using four processes: Offset printing, hot foil finishing, digital personalization and creasing/punching. The reply sheet is then inserted, glued and sent to the post office. Everything within a few days. This is the flexibility that customers like Deko-Light appreciate about HAGO.

May 2016 - HAGO print & media helps the medium-sized company MSE to create a new image. Logo, business stationery, homepage, promotional gifts and an image brochure that showcases the waste disposal service provider‘s diverse range appear in the right light. From the CD-Manual for the logo application to the time recording form. Everything from a single source - economical and efficient for our customer MSE.

March 2016 - HAGO print & media expands the web shop for HARMAN International Industries with „non-print articles“ HARMAN employees will order umbrellas, USB sticks and all kinds of advertising material from HAGO in future. How a medium-sized printing company takes on tasks for a global corporation that go far beyond printing.

February 2016 - The re-audit 2016 in the disciplines quality management according to DIN/ISO 9001 and environmental management according to DIN/ISO 14001 as usual at HAGO - without deviation.

November 2015 - Commissioning of the semi-automatic wire-o binding machine Renz 700. This increases HAGO‘s flexibility in offering short-run documentation. HP indigo digital printing and in-house binding. Another plus for HAGO.

October 2015 - HAGO print & media becomes EMEA printer of HARMAN International Industries. From now on responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa, all HARMAN sites will be supplied with business cards and business stationery from Karlsbad.

June 2015 - HAGO print & media acquires 100% of Exportpages International GmbH and launches an extensive development program to adapt the database and user interface to new, increased requirements.

February 2015 - The re-audit in 2015 was almost routine. The regular meetings of the internal quality and environmental committee help us to consistently develop HAGO further in order to survive in the tough printing business and, above all, to be prepared for the future. Together with our subsidiary Exportpages, we are not afraid of the ongoing digitalization, but look forward to it. HAGO is prepared.

December 2014 - The first smartphone app created by HAGO for IOS and Android goes online. The Bad-Herrenalb app will help Bad-Herrenalb holidaymakers to spend an even more beautiful and interesting holiday. Together with the Bad Herrenalb magazine and the online offering with an ultra-current calendar of events, our publishing subsidiary now offers a comprehensive range of analogue and digital media.

March 2014 - Installation of Indigo‘s second digital press: liquid toner digital printing, the only alternative to offset. This is why HAGO has been using Indigo technology since 2000. Offset-like quality with a travel choice of printable materials. Be it 400 g chromo sulphate cardboard, 0.375 mm thick foil or 60 g flohr mail. Our Indigos can do everything and that in high quality at amazingly low prices.

February 2014 - Every year, HAGO print & media undergoes certification according to DIN/ISO standards 9001 and 14001. This year, a complete audit was again imminent. Again without deviations. Quality and environmental compatibility are guaranteed. HAGO‘s customers are therefore on the safe side. Proof of this is also the fact that we have been listed as an A-supplier by our major industrial customers for years. We are proud of this. You too can benefit from our professionalism.

December 2013 - HAGO again supplied the exhibition catalogue for the 31st Federal Rabbit Show at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre on 14 and 15 December 2013.

February 2013 - In 2013, HAGO print & media will once again face the challenge of recertification. More comprehensive and effective than all other certifications, the DIN/ISO standards 9001 and 14001 offer our customers the security of purchasing „environmentally friendly quality“.

August 2012 - „BIG SOUND FOR MINI“. A fascinating advertising medium which gives pleasure to „take in hand“. Co-developed and produced by HAGO. High-quality offset printing, 2-fold varnishing (matt/gloss), die-cutting, embossing and relief varnishing. The fan is expertly „screwed“. Advertising that the target group deals with, advertising that works. HAGO print & media submitted this product to the print competition in 2013. Products of which we are proud.

February 2012 - HAGO‘s recertification this year was again without deviation. Compliance with DIN/ISO standards 9001 and 14001 for environment and quality is demanded by many demanding customers and HAGO is one of the few printing companies to meet these requirements.

November 2011 - „Only the special fascinates“. HAGO designs and produces elaborate „metallic-look“ menus and drinks for the Triangel sports café in Karlovy Vary. Enjoy with style.
Contact us and we will be happy to send you a sample so that you can experience the „effect“.

April 2011 - HAGO continues on its path of consistent environmental protection. From May 2011, we will be purchasing electricity exclusively from hydropower - „EnBW Comfort Nature“ the most gentle and environmentally friendly of all energy sources.

March 2011 - HAGO print & media replaces the Kodak Electra Excel offset printing plate, which has been used for years, with the more stable AGFA Amigo thermal technology, which can be processed with lower chemical consumption. A further contribution to environmentally friendly production.

November 2010 - HAGO print & media becomes HARMAN Group‘s European printer and the „HARMAN Online Order System“ is launched. HARMAN employees at all 31 European locations order business cards, printed office materials such as pads, notebooks and much more online. The portal was designed and programmed by the HAGO online team.

August 2010 - Fine brands in fine quality. HAGO produces the Professional Sound System brochure for the FERRARI 458 Italia for JBL, one of HARMAN‘s premium brands. Everything at its finest. Highly pigmented colours, FM louvres and matt/gloss finish. Ferrari, one of the most demanding customers in Europe, was satisfied. And we were a little prouder again.

June 2010 - Replacement of the proven but no longer up-to-date HEIDELBERG Delta technology by JORG ctp.edition, a PDF workflow system with state-of-the-art screening, including hybrid screening (combination of autotypic and frequency-modulated screening), the provision of CIP3 and CIP34 data and the transfer of control values for ink zone presetting to the press.

February 2010 - Recertification audit by TÜV Süd. All requirements of the DIN/ISO 9001 and 14001 standards are met by HAGO

January 2010 - Calibration of all processes. HAGO print & media regularly checks and adjusts colour reliability. Screens, scanners and the printing forme manufacturing process were linearized, spectrophotometrically measured, logged and current profiles generated. So that HAGO continues to produce in the proverbial quality.

January 2010 - „Green electricity at HAGO“ - Since 1 January 2010, HAGO has been producing exclusively with „green electricity“, i.e. electricity that our energy supplier, ENBW, has proven to have to generate in regenerative processes. The electricity consumed by HAGO, which is offered in the NaturEnergie silver package, is generated in the immediate vicinity by hydropower. There is no more CO2-neutral way. „The additional costs of almost 10 % are worth protecting our environment,“ says the HAGO team unanimously. The decision was clearly in line with the trend and also in line with HAGO‘s certified environmental management system according to DIN/ISO 14001. Together with the 45-kW (peak) photovoltaic system, which HAGO has been operating on the company roof since 2005 and which generates around 45,000 kWh of CO2-free electricity per year, one can justifiably claim to take environmental protection seriously.

December 2009 - 10,000 books with 840 pages each in 48 hours! HAGO supplied the exhibition catalogue for the 29th Federal Rabbit Show at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre on 12 and 13 December 2009. 540,000 prints, 10,600 kg of paper with up-to-date information in time for the exhibition opening in the early morning hours. An endurance test for man and machine. Challenges that HAGO is up to.

September 2009 - The illustrated book „Karlsbader Impressionen - wohnen - arbeiten - erholen“ was the first product that HAGO completely equipped with drip-off coating. HAGO, a Karlovy Vary print shop with over 40 years of tradition, has put a lot of effort into this.

June 2009 - After seven years in operation, the flagship of the HAGO machine park, the HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER 74-5, will be replaced by a much more powerful HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER 74-5-LX-CD. The new production system with double-diameter impression cylinders, slimmer paper feed, fewer transfer points, incline ink feed and drip-off thick-film coating unit not only permits visibly better register and print quality, but also opens up completely new possibilities for HAGO in print finishing.

March 2009 - The new homepage of the Bad Herrenalb magazine goes online. The publication of the HAGO subsidiary „Karlsbader Verlagsgesellschaft“ informs citizens and guests about the rich cultural life of the „Sieben-Täler-Stadt“.

January 2009 - Recertification without deviation at HAGO. Compliance with DIN/ISO standards 9001 and 14001 for environment and quality is routine and ensures reliable production at the highest quality level

December 2008 - Installation of Adobe Creative Suite 4.0 on all graphics workstations. Enhanced design possibilities as well as the higher integration of cross-media possibilities.

November 2008 - Installation of a SUN Fire X4240 dual-processor rack server with VMware operating system on which two so-called „virtual machines“ are mounted. One hardware, two operating system environments (Linux and Windows 2003).

November 2008 - The HP-Indigo 5000 with friction feeder installed in summer 2007 will be replaced by a „HP-Indigo Ultrastream“ digital press with suction feeder. HAGO‘s daily practice and high quality requirements make this step unavoidable. The more gentle treatment of the substrate by the suction feeder reduces scratches and increases the choice of possible substrates.

November 2008 - The homepage of the „Verlegergemeinschaft deutscher Kur- und Bäderzeitschriften“ goes online. The first homepage of HAGO with a protected „member area“. Kurzeitung.org will inform association members about tips, news and cooperation offers.

October 2008 - HAGO acquires 51 % of the Berlin Internet portal Exportpages.de. A step into the future to secure a long-term positive development. After „Karlsbader Verlagsgesellschaft“, Exportpages is HAGO‘s second publishing pillar.

April 2008 to August 2008 - Further development of the calculation and order control software IMPRIMA in close cooperation with students of the Stuttgart Media University. Implementation of the electronic time recording system „AZE“. Precise, fast, highly automated. Problems, requirements and hints are now directly inserted into the order control system at the location of the event. This enables HAGO to increase production safety, traceability and reliability.

April 2008 - Introduction of the „HAGO Environmental Information Round Table“, an information event for all HAGO employees to raise awareness of environmentally friendly behaviour and even more environmentally friendly production.

February 2008 - Brilliant result in the certification audit according to DIN/ISO standards 9001 and 14001. HAGO‘s quality and environmental management system proves without exception that it meets its ambitious goals.

January 2008 - Process calibration and linearization of all quality-relevant production equipment at HAGO. Olaf Fiebrandt, color management expert at VDM Baden-Würtemberg, checks and calibrates scanners, screens, proofers, plate recorders over three days. Result: Absolute top class.

January 2008 - Installation of a „new“ Heidelberg crucible. After a long search, the HAGO team managed to get a copy of the legendary workhorse of the printing industry built in 1982. A machine of the last series. It replaces the „Original Heidelberger Tiegel“ built in 1955, which has been in use since the company was founded. An important tool for embossing, grooving and punching. Faster and more precise than its predecessor.

July 2007 - HAGO puts the HP-Indigo 5000 into operation. This machine, the best in its class, works with liquid toner technology and thus achieves outstanding quality in digital printing. The legendary HAGO quality is now also available for short runs.

May 2007 - The largest customer, Karlsbad-based HARMAN/BECKER GmbH, rates HAGO print & media with 100 out of 100 possible points in its ISO-9000-compliant supplier rating system. This is equivalent to a small sensation. The entire HAGO print & media team is proud and will continue to strive to deliver such outstanding performance.