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Quality & Environment

„Perfect is just good enough“.

You don‘t have it easy with this credo. High quality is no coincidence. It is the result of hard work. HAGO was involved in the installation of a quality management system, as early as in 1998. Our employees are dedicated to their projects with high attention to detail and experienced design knowledge. HAGO has been certified to the strict DIN EN ISO 14001:2015; DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since the year 2000. Long before most competitors.

Our hard to please customers of the automotive and electronics industries demand this qualification. We meet these requirements - even today. Our customers know why they demand on our services. Even though they could get serviced by others for less. The results are „similar“ but never equal. HAGO employ people who take their work very seriously. Nevertheless, our staff can also make mistakes. We implemented a series of inspection and control steps in our quality assurance system - for maximum production security. We also know that things aren‘t always „smooth“ on the side of our customers. „HAGO thinks too“. We check for meaningfulness, check and rather ask too much, rather than too little.

Our customers know and appreciate this. All companies that maintain a supplier evaluation system rate HAGO Druck & Medien GmbH as an A supplier (as of 10-2022). SIEMENS AG rates HAGO as an "Outstanding Supplier" and HARMAN gave us 100 out of 100 possible points for the last evaluation period (2021-2022), a value we have achieved before. Ratings we are proud of and on which we will continue to develop.


„An intact environment is our most important asset.“

HAGO has always paid attention to environmentally friendly processes.

Modern production equipment and low-emission materials help us achieving this goal. Here, in your interest, we pay attention to the best quality and profitability, but actively point out environmentally problematic materials and substances. Sometimes, an environmentally friendly alternative can even lead to better results. All production-relevant processes at HAGO are subject to the standard requirements of DIN / ISO 14001. But not only the standard plays a role. Eco-friendly behavior needs conviction. Conviction that we live - in the interests of our children and future generations.

HAGO has been operating a 50 kW (peak) photovoltaic system on the buildings roof since 2005, producing an average of 45,000 kWh electricity per year. That‘s around as much as 15 households consume, or about one third of our own electricity consumption. And this for already over 17 years. We stand behind the goals of the "Friday for Future" movement and are constantly working to improve our environmental performance.


Amendments of the last years among other things:

2023 - Start planning the conversion of our building heating from liquid gas to brine heat pumps.

2023 - Start of an insulation offensive. Optimization of window and ceiling insulation.

2022 - Replacement of the existing "server infrastructure". HAGO changes his SUN server infrastructure with a new, more powerful and energy-efficient server system from Dell. This saves 4642 kWh of electricity per year. An investment in a new, more secure IT future, but also an important contribution to saving energy.

2021 - The second "hybrid" starts it's work. Nothing special anymore. However, the larger battery makes refueling a real rarity. "Charging" is still done at the 50 kW photovoltaic system.

2020 - HAGO launches a "building retrofit program". Energy-related processes on and in the building are continuously optimized. The first step is to gradually switch all lighting to LED.

2018 - HAGO puts the first "hybrid vehicle" of the company fleet into service. Since May 2018, the company car of our management has been a Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid. An unbeatable concept, especially for short distances. The electricity comes from the company's own 50 kW photovoltaic system - there is hardly any better way to protect the environment.

2018 - Introduction of „processless“ printing plates. Since April 2018, we have been using the process-free Kodak Sonora XP offset plate for products that are only applied once. Imaging and in the press - without a chemical development process. This saves nature hundreds of liters of development chemistry per year. For all other jobs, the printing plates are cleaned, preserved and archived after production. To the best of our knowledge, HAGO is the only company in the region that does this. No effort is too great for our environment.

2010 - Since 1 January 2010, HAGO has been producing exclusively with "green electricity", i.e. electricity that our energy supplier, ENBW, has to demonstrably generate in regenerative processes. The electricity consumed by HAGO, which is offered in the NatureEnergy silver package, is generated in the immediate vicinity by hydropower. It couldn't be more CO2-neutral.

2008 - Introduction of the "HAGO Environment Round", an annual training course in which all HAGO print & media employees are trained in the responsible use of resources and environmentally friendly behaviour. Both at work and in their private lives. An intact environment concerns us all.

2005 - Installation of a 50 kW (peak) photovoltaic system on the HAGO print & media GmbH building. 276 ALEO S 16 modules produce an average of around 45,000 kWh of electricity per year, saving the environment around 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

2004 - Gentle introduction of plant-based printing inks. A further step towards environmentally friendly production.

2003 - Introduction of a more stable printing plate developer. Since then, we have doubled plate throughput per developer batch. This has greatly reduced the consumption of environmentally harmful developer chemicals.

1999 - Introduction of systematic waste separation at the entire production site.

1998 - Introduction of CTP technology for filmless printing plate production. Over the years, thousands of litres of toxic chemicals (developers containing benzene and fixers containing sulphuric acid) have been saved in addition to films.

Since 1980 separation and collection of recyclables. Paper waste, printing aids and aluminium from the printing plates have been consistently collected since this time and returned to the recycling cycle.



Our delivery service tries to summarize the routes as best as possible. There is never a way driven without doing at least two things.

For years we have been trying to minimize the solvent content of the printing process. So we have managed to reduce the isopropanol content of our dampening solution in printing from 12% to 9%.

In order to document our environmentally conscious production to the outside world, we had ourselves certified for the first time according to the strict DIN/ISO standard 14001 in the year 2000. A consistently monitored environmental management system controls the cycle of materials and helps to continuously incorporate improvements. HAGO has always paid attention to an environmentally
friendly production.