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Media Prepress - Computer to Plate
INDIGO Digital Offset - Heidelberg Offset Printing
Letterpress printing (embossing, punching, special processing)
Further Processing - Worldwide Logistics

Know-how is one thing, but it alone is not enough to achieve optimal results. HAGO relies on modern and proven technology. All workstations, machines and equipment are networked via Fast Ethernet fibre optic cables, for example. Our sophisticated data security concept with several hardware-based firewall barriers has so far withstood all hacking attacks and is regularly updated. So your data is also safe with us. Our OneVision PDF workflow gives you the certainty that the results will look the way you want them to. High color security through regular, continuous calibration of the entire production process with our own spectrophotometer and color management software. The PSO is too imprecise for us - HAGO customers can expect more than just standard. The HAGO deadline reliability is proverbial. In the SIEMENS MF-K logistics competition, which measures the punctuality of deliveries, we achieved 100 out of 100 points (11-2018).

Media Prepress

Equipped with up-to-date software and highly specialized tools, we minimize friction losses in the area of media prepress. Whether sober data transfer, sensitive corrections and adaptations of your documents or arena for creative creations - the know-how of our employees and the technical infrastructure at the heart of HAGO are always up to date. Speed and top quality are therefore a matter of course.

Computer to Plate / CTP - a magic word in the printing industry

Actually, it's hardly worth mentioning. We have been working with this technology since 1998 and are one of the first to offer our customers the best FM and hybrid screening technology. As a reference partner and beta tester of HEIDELBERG and Kodak-Polychrome, we have accompanied the further development of this technology in a future-proof and production-safe manner. Our high-end recorder HEIDELBERG Trendsetter continues to define quality and is unsurpassed in point sharpness and edge steepness.


INDIGO Digital Offset Printing

Our HP-Indigo is ready for you for individual single pieces and small editions, at HAGO of course in the highest quality. With other systems of far superior liquid toner technology, the HP-Indigo prints a different motif on each sheet in offset quality. With a suction system and reliable gripper guidance, our Indigo is far superior to other systems in terms of substrate selection and positioning accuracy. Fast, flexible and powerful. Favourable conditions as no printing plates are required. Therefore cost-effective for you, because there are no tooling costs and less preparatory work to do. Unbeatable for short runs and individualized products.


 HEIDELBERG Offsetdruck - Letterpress (embossing, punching, special processing)

One of our core competencies. The lion's share of print production is produced using this process. Offset printing still delivers the best results - and thanks to the latest technology at incredible speed. Designed for the shortest makeready times, therefore only advantages for you. Less time means lower costs and you get your printed matter on the table faster. Nine printing units of the HEIDELBERG Speedmaster series, the "King's Class", rotate for you - there is nothing to add except "with all the bells and whistles".



At the end of the production chain time is often short. Nine stations from Müller-Langenfeld are assembled. HEIDELBERG takes over the folding while the packaging is being glued at the same time. Our Müller-Martini BRAVO saddle stitcher with computer control and 15,000 cycles/h takes care of the brochures. Punching, grooving, embossing and finishing. HAGO has first-class machines and equipment in all the necessary processing steps - all in-house. This enables us to guarantee that all products are produced according to our high and certified quality standards.


Worldwide logistics

Logistics is an important part of the value chain. Only when the product is where it is needed is our work done. HAGO maintains its own fleet of vehicles for punctual delivery - right down to the office shelf if required. For environmental reasons, supply chains are formed wherever possible. Our experience with multinational corporations has led to sophisticated logistics worldwide (Europe, Africa, Asia, America). No way is too far for our customers - but always with sustainability in mind.