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HAGO – Partner for the exceptional.

„Why should I assign to a printing company, everything is cheaper on the internet“.

Since the middle of the last decade, this sentence has become increasingly important. And it is also true now and then. But not always. Often cheaper is more expensive in the end. The variations of printed media is enormous. From books, to flyers, to stickers, to prospects, to the multifunctional unit. HAGO has a solution for every requirement. HAGO is the right partner if you have a task and need the best solution. At HAGO we think in advice and make suggestions that can solve and improve your product. And this for advertising as well as technical questions. We have specialists for almost all issues in the house. HAGO is the right partner if your requirements go beyond standard. When quality, which is not always guaranteed with Internet printers, matters. If you need reliability. When the processes have to be adapted to those of your company. When the second edition must be exactly the same as the first one. Above all, we are ready for you if you prefer „everything from a single source“ is the best.

Quality & Environment

„Perfect is just good enough“.

We don't have it easy with this credo. High quality is no coincidence. It is the result of hard work. HAGO was involved in the installation of a quality management system, as early as in 1998. Our employees are dedicated to their projects with high attention to detail and experienced knowledge. HAGO has been certified to the strict DIN/ISO 9001 standard since the year 2000. Long before most competitors.

Our hard to please customers of the automotive and electronics industries demand this qualification. We fulfill these requirements to this day without exaption. Our customers knowwhy they demand on our services. Even though they could get serviced by others for less. The results are "alike" but never equal. HAGO employ people who take their work very seriously. Nevertheless, our staff can also make mistakes. We implemented a series of  inspection and control steps in our quality assurance system – for maximum production reliability. We also know that things aren't always "smooth" on the side of our customers. "HAGO thinks too". We check for meaningfulness, correct and rather ask too much, rather than too little.  >> read more

We are varied.

Products for people who like good service and pleasant surprises.

„If you know what you need and have a ready to print document, the most economical way would be a Internet printing service." This is hard to contradict and yet cheap is often more expensive in the end. HAGO offers (almost) every product and takes away most of our customer concerns. Sit back, relax and rely on us. We know our customers and accept their specilties. That's what we call service. Our task is completed when your problem is solved, the brochures at the exhibition stand, the technical supplement in the production, the association magazine with your readers, the event calendar with your members. Many of our long-term customers use exactly this power. We do not make it easy for ourselves, to put all our potential in cost optimization, instaed we make sure to solve your problem. In this we see our task. That's why we have so many loyal customers.


  • Services

    HAGO is the right partner if your requirements go beyond the standard. When quality and reliability play a role.
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  • Service & Consulting

    HAGO offers (almost) everything and relieves you of many worries. You can sit back and relax and rely on us.
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  • Production & technology

    HAGO relies on modern and proven technology, because know-how alone is not enough to achieve optimal results.
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  • The company

    Over 50 years of HAGO. The path from a modest workshop to a highly developed service provider.
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  • Quality

    "Perfect is just fine enough." High quality does not come by chance. It is the result of hard work.
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  • Environment

    An intact environment is our most important asset.HAGO has always paid attention to an environmentally friendly production.
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We are sustainable

Each human is jointly responsible for the present and future well-being of the human family and for life on Earth. (Earth-Charta)

Young people all over the world are fighting for their future in a healthy environment.

HAGO Druck & Medien has been investing in sustainable production since many years. As early as 1998, long before everyone else, we invested in a computer-to-plate system to reduce the use of chemistry in the pre-press process to 0. Since 2000, HAGO has maintained an environmental management system according to DIN/ISO standard 14001. In 2005, we installed a 50 kW (peak) photovoltaic system, which produces an average of 45,000 kWh of electricity per year. That's as much as about 15 households yearly consumption, or about a third of our own electricity needs. The use of recycled papers, plant-based solvents and the reduction of alcohol additives in the offset print process round off our environmental protection efforts in production.

With an EU-wide recycling rate of 85.8% (March 2019), the printing industry is already one of the sectors with the highest contribution to resource sustainability. And HAGO is at the forefront. We are proud of this and are working on further improvements every day.

Environmental protection is most efficient when everyone participates. We advise our customers "environmentally friendly" and can thus put one stone on the other. On request, we offer our customers CO2-neutral production, for this purpose we transfer a certain amount per 100 kg of paper to ClimatePartner (www.ClimatePartner.com), an organization that invests the funds worldwide in selected climate protection projects.
In case of doubt, ecology is before economics. That is how we see our mission.

Cornerstones for your perfect product.

Preprint media stage– Computer to Plate
INDIGO digital Offset – Heidelberg Offsetprint
Buchdruck (Embossing, punching, special processing)
Postprint processing – worldwide logistics

Know-how is one thing, but it alone is not enough to achieve optimal results. HAGO relies on modern and proven technology. HAGO quality is not based on maximum automation, but on a healthy mixture of technology and craftsmanship. All workstations, machines and equipment are networked via Fast Ethernet fibre optic cables, for example. Our sophisticated data security concept with several hardware-based firewall barriers has so far withstood all hacking attacks and is regularly updated. So your data is also safe with us. Our OneVision PDF workflow gives you the certainty that the results will look the way you want them to. High color security through regular, continuous calibration of the entire production process with our own spectrophotometer and color management software. The PSO is too imprecise for us - HAGO customers can expect more than just standard. HAGO reliability is proverbial. In the SIEMENS MF-K logistics competition, which measures the punctuality of deliveries, we achieved 100 out of 100 points (11-2018).